Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mama Cardigan

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your besties and a successful BFriday and Cyber Monday (which I didn't even know when was this day invented). 
Last Thursday, I was sorting my closet and found this blue Cardigan of my mom. She must have left it here when she was here last year. It makes me miss her so bad, so I decided to do a post with it. In this post I also use the same pair of shoe that I bought on to mix and match. 
Luckily she is coming to see me again this year. Woohoo!!! 
Hope you enjoy this post.

Look#1: School-girl 
(Gilly Hicks shirt, Hollister short, Coach handbag, ASOS hat) 

With this look, I use white from the short and bag, the red from shirt to make the blue from cardigan and also the socks from Forever 21 stand out. I love to play with colors. I mixed and matched this look with the inspiration from 'Blair, the original school girl' from Gossip Girl. This #1 look can be wore to school, shopping, hang out. It's not 'elegant' but does have a great taste of character. 


Look#2: SHINE or SHY
(GAP sweater, Floral short, ASOS hat, Coach handbag) 

I define myself as a 'short-girl', I am only 5.3. Knee-sock is only going to look good with 'tall' girl, I thought. However, I tried it out and I think that's not right. As long as you do a good mix-match, you will look just great! SHY 
Blue matches with yellow is definitely will you to shine through the cold-chilly-winter. 


Look#3: FLORAL 
(Floral dress from Forever 21, Fossil watch and bracelets, Coach bag)

The floral dress gives a 'girly' sign with the cardigan. Floral is still on trend recently. I choose most of 'short-short' items because they matched with the socks type. The cardigan adđed a little 'elegant' to this look, I think. If you are a strong-girly type, you can add the leather jacket/cardigan, that will totally change the character of the look. 


(Jean short, Blouse from Forever 21, Bow-tie ribbon knotted, heart-shape tight from Forever 21)

This is my favorite out of the 4. The short jean and the blouse are mixture of tomboy girl kinda look. Ankle-shoe will go with any type of shorts. For a short-girl like me, to mix-match the looks that help me to 'hide' my heights is a goal. The color of blouse+jean+ shoe give the ton-sur-tun look, which is my favorite type of mix-match. Green-hair does look ok with any clothing's color. Proved! 


That's it for this post. I know that my clothing aren't from expensive-brand, but I believe it's all matter of mix-match to show case yourself, your characteristic, your stories. 

Thank you for visiting


  1. Love your legs in pantyhose! I don't like lens

  2. Super cute! I love how you styled that cardigan, and your boots are adorable :)