Thursday, September 10, 2015



Cuộc sống mang tôi đi nhanh hơn tôi tưởng tượng. 

Thấm thoát đã 2 năm rồi mới lọ mọ vào blog đầu tay này. Tôi đã nghĩ hay bỏ nó đi mà làm lại một cái khác, một cái gì đó mới mẻ hơn mà thầm mong sẽ 'hoành tráng' hơn. Nhưng chợt nghĩ mọi thứ đều phải có sự xây dựng bền bỉ và tấm chân tình thì mới có sự đâm hoa nảy lộc. Thế tôi lại quyết định cứ lưu lại mọi thứ ở đây, một nơi đã bị bỏ quên hai năm rồi. 

Hai năm qua, tôi cứ trải qua những cơn đau tinh thần mà tưởng chừng không vực dậy nổi. Những nỗi đau thầm kín mà không biết phải chôn vùi ở nơi nào hay vứt đi ở bờ vực nào. Tôi tự hỏi: "Không nhẽ ông-thầy-bói nói đúng phóc?!" 

Khổ tâm là bạn đời của tôi. Tình yêu là đối thủ của tôi. Mạnh mẽ là ước mơ của tôi. Gia đình là viễn tưởng của tôi. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

The White Dress

May 11, 2013

The day of extraordinary.

It was my first time attending an American wedding as a guest co photographer. It was beyond photography experiences! The watching of continous happiness in tears of many surrounded people for two, who finally become 'one'. The moment of truly believed of happy ever after in fairy tail stories. People prayed. People celebrated. People laughed. All kind of joyful moments. I was so busy running up and down between the barn and the house since the wedding ceremorny is out in the huge farm.
I wasn't able to wear a girly pink voan dress as I imagined, but my fun and joyable time was the same.

I got to Louisville at 10:00PM on Friday night. Early morning after Friday, I got to meet all of my great friends in the church for breakfast. I was not a good entertainered and funny person to have conversation with, but I tried to keep them company. I felt my heart beated fast when I saw them, I wished they can 'feel' it. How much I have appreciated everything they have done for me.

Coming back to Binghamton with a heart fulled of love and a mind fulled of great memories, I couldn't ask for more.

Thank you everyone and anyone who made it happened for me.

Happily Ever After to T&R Fanning.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Spring break approached with many projects and presentations ahead of me. However, M.Y. BOUTIQUE, a local shop in downtown Binghamton, NY, sponsored me and encouraged me with their super fashionable and trending items. 

The nude legging is this month must-have. Spring is arriving and the nude legging will be matchable with all of your floral/stripe or any type of Spring top. The nude legging help you to show-case the body you owed and pop-out all the color tops. 

#1: The 5-minute

With the season transiting, the weather doesn't really warm enough for short-short and silky top. So the mix of sweater with this comfortable legging can be count on!!! WHEN? You wake up and realize class start in 5. :) 


#2: Floral Underneath 

This look is for vintage lovers. A little bit spiced up the girly look with the wedge. The look can be totally finish with a outterwear with British button. 


#3: The 'BAD' country girl

The inspiration is from love of country side. The floral top was on sale for about $12 at American Eagle. The shoulder cross handy clutch is from ASOS, one of my personal favorite. 


#4: Demin ON 

Red is always my favorite out of many colors. The legging is flexible with all style-types. It all come down to YOU to decide. Be creative. BE YOU. 

Thank you M.Y. BOUTIQUE for the $5 off with purchase of $25.   

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quý tỵ - Year of Snake

It's Lunar New Year. Time passed by so fast that I felt I just blinked and 365 days passed. I want to say thank you God for sending all angels and helping hands to me when I was so down that I even thought about giving up this life.
2012 was a year of changing, cannot decide whether it's positive or negative; however; there were happinesses came along the way.
It's enough of complaining :)
I wish all the best of lucks!!!! Let's make this year become memoriable.

Here are some photos (not mix-match) but I hope you all will enjoy.

Áo dài -Vietnamese tradition dress.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Golden Cross

To whoever come accross my blog, 
 This blog is nothing much of a deal to compare with all other amazing fashionistas from all over the world. I started this as a project for my class and I truly never thought that I am good enough for a being a fashion blogger. However, I promise myself to keep this running because I appreciate every single person who cheer me up and believe in me. I am very open to any suggestions, collaborations, or anything. Just send me an email at
This is my very first post for this year. I wish all my friends, viewers a great 2013 (this maybe late but better than never). 


With this first post, I am doing a mix-match with the green crosses velvet skirt from ROMWE

Look1: BOHO

I missed the beautiful snowing sceens this year since I was in California over the break. SanFrancisco made up for the beautiful snow though. 

//Oversized Ann Tayler Cardigan from Goodwill
//Leather boot 
//Fossil watch 
//DB crossover
//Head-scarf made by just a long scraf that wrap around the head
//Green turtleneck from GAP 
I really like GAP turtleneck because of the soft matertial.
This look might not be the best choice for an everyday school look but sometimes just mess it up and have little fun. That won't hurt, will it?


Look2: Smile can lie but not the eyes, so hide them. 

//Rayban sunglass 
//Beanies from American Apparel 
//T-shirt from
//Platform shoe from ASOS

This is my personal favorite style, I do like matchy look for a daily basic wear and green have been my favorite color since I was young, but now Red and Gold took over. 


Look3: Velvet and Plaid

//Vintage earings (on the collar) 
//Outterwear by BDG.
//American Eaggle T-shirt
//Platform by ASOS

The 3rd look can be great for hangout with friends for a movie. By the way, Les Miserable is a must-watch. 

Look3: Soul

//Knitted Collar by me
//Floral sleeveless shirt from my mom when she was 20 
//Red bowtie belt from Forever 21
//Knitted onesize cardigan
//Cute sock from Forever 21
//Platform by ASOS

The last look is a perfect outfit for the upcoming Spring by combination of the current trending Velvet. 



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mama Cardigan

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your besties and a successful BFriday and Cyber Monday (which I didn't even know when was this day invented). 
Last Thursday, I was sorting my closet and found this blue Cardigan of my mom. She must have left it here when she was here last year. It makes me miss her so bad, so I decided to do a post with it. In this post I also use the same pair of shoe that I bought on to mix and match. 
Luckily she is coming to see me again this year. Woohoo!!! 
Hope you enjoy this post.

Look#1: School-girl 
(Gilly Hicks shirt, Hollister short, Coach handbag, ASOS hat) 

With this look, I use white from the short and bag, the red from shirt to make the blue from cardigan and also the socks from Forever 21 stand out. I love to play with colors. I mixed and matched this look with the inspiration from 'Blair, the original school girl' from Gossip Girl. This #1 look can be wore to school, shopping, hang out. It's not 'elegant' but does have a great taste of character. 


Look#2: SHINE or SHY
(GAP sweater, Floral short, ASOS hat, Coach handbag) 

I define myself as a 'short-girl', I am only 5.3. Knee-sock is only going to look good with 'tall' girl, I thought. However, I tried it out and I think that's not right. As long as you do a good mix-match, you will look just great! SHY 
Blue matches with yellow is definitely will you to shine through the cold-chilly-winter. 


Look#3: FLORAL 
(Floral dress from Forever 21, Fossil watch and bracelets, Coach bag)

The floral dress gives a 'girly' sign with the cardigan. Floral is still on trend recently. I choose most of 'short-short' items because they matched with the socks type. The cardigan adđed a little 'elegant' to this look, I think. If you are a strong-girly type, you can add the leather jacket/cardigan, that will totally change the character of the look. 


(Jean short, Blouse from Forever 21, Bow-tie ribbon knotted, heart-shape tight from Forever 21)

This is my favorite out of the 4. The short jean and the blouse are mixture of tomboy girl kinda look. Ankle-shoe will go with any type of shorts. For a short-girl like me, to mix-match the looks that help me to 'hide' my heights is a goal. The color of blouse+jean+ shoe give the ton-sur-tun look, which is my favorite type of mix-match. Green-hair does look ok with any clothing's color. Proved! 


That's it for this post. I know that my clothing aren't from expensive-brand, but I believe it's all matter of mix-match to show case yourself, your characteristic, your stories. 

Thank you for visiting

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rosy Turtleneck

Winter is here and the weather in NY dropped to zero degree, but snow isn't here yet. Sadface* 
However, the sun is still visiting with a lot of cloud, which is surprisingly beautiful for November. 
Turtleneck (Áo cổ lọ) is my second-favorite in the closet. It's perfectly mix-match-able for this weather and you will never go wrong with this choice no matter what style you have. I hope you will enjoy this week post. 

This mix-match is perfectly for a happy schoolday/night out with your friends. The Red Wine look is a little bit more girly than other looks below. My favorite about this look is the silver dog pin. 
(Bow-tie mini short, Legwear black tight, Leather shoe, Lacy cardigan, Boho hat, and a clutch)


The vintage leather shoe added with the DB bag style give an extra spark for the vintage creation. 
The vintage look is always suitable for daily life activities like school, dinner out, etc. 
(Bow-tie cardigan, vintage knotted belt, Pastel short, leather shoe, circle scarf, and DB bag)


Pastel is still on the trend this year. I love ton-sur-ton looks. The sweater can keep me warm. The look is completed with the necklace. I usually don't by accessories from new but search for them during garage sales. 
(Pullover sweater, Lace short, Handcraft clutch, Marc by Marc Jacob watch, Ankle Wedge) 



I mixed and matched this look with atmosphere of upcoming Xmas. The jean jacket helped me to reduce the girly level of the look and added more tomboy version. This look is totally great for party with friends during weekend. 
(Jeans jacket, Velvet Crosses skirt, black leather ankle boot, golden necklace) 

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. I want to THANK all my viewers and believers for encourage me every time I am down. I wish you all will have a great awesome Black Friday and Turkey Day with your family and friends.
Feel free to leave any questions or comments for me.
And please help me to share/rate my blog and posts.