Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rosy Turtleneck

Winter is here and the weather in NY dropped to zero degree, but snow isn't here yet. Sadface* 
However, the sun is still visiting with a lot of cloud, which is surprisingly beautiful for November. 
Turtleneck (Áo cổ lọ) is my second-favorite in the closet. It's perfectly mix-match-able for this weather and you will never go wrong with this choice no matter what style you have. I hope you will enjoy this week post. 

This mix-match is perfectly for a happy schoolday/night out with your friends. The Red Wine look is a little bit more girly than other looks below. My favorite about this look is the silver dog pin. 
(Bow-tie mini short, Legwear black tight, Leather shoe, Lacy cardigan, Boho hat, and a clutch)


The vintage leather shoe added with the DB bag style give an extra spark for the vintage creation. 
The vintage look is always suitable for daily life activities like school, dinner out, etc. 
(Bow-tie cardigan, vintage knotted belt, Pastel short, leather shoe, circle scarf, and DB bag)


Pastel is still on the trend this year. I love ton-sur-ton looks. The sweater can keep me warm. The look is completed with the necklace. I usually don't by accessories from new but search for them during garage sales. 
(Pullover sweater, Lace short, Handcraft clutch, Marc by Marc Jacob watch, Ankle Wedge) 



I mixed and matched this look with atmosphere of upcoming Xmas. The jean jacket helped me to reduce the girly level of the look and added more tomboy version. This look is totally great for party with friends during weekend. 
(Jeans jacket, Velvet Crosses skirt, black leather ankle boot, golden necklace) 

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. I want to THANK all my viewers and believers for encourage me every time I am down. I wish you all will have a great awesome Black Friday and Turkey Day with your family and friends.
Feel free to leave any questions or comments for me.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello mix-match lovers, after the last post, a friend of mine, Châu, who is currently a student from Ithaca College, suggested me to do a mix-match with a must-have-item of student, HOODIE.  I personally don't wear hoodie that much. However, I love hoodie just simply that keep me warm during the winter. So with this post, the hoodie I chose today is a white one from Abercrombie & Fitch (Kid Large Size). I hope you will find it's valuable or useful tip from this. Thank you for visiting. 

(Green zip-up hoodie from Urban Outfitter, green tight from Vietnam, floral short from Forever 21, sneaker platform by ASOS, leater backpack from Coach)  
I mix-match this first look with the idea of being free in creation. Don't hide yourself. "I maybe crazy but I am not stupid." 


(Mini floral skirt from Bebe, Handbag from Juicy Couture, handmade white scarf from a good-friend, vintage leather belt from my mother, leather boat style shoe from Cole Haan)
With this second look, I just simply want to be a little bit girly taste added from the skirt and cute handbag. I skirt I picked out have white flowers which matched with the hoodie's color. Hoodie doesn't always have to go with jeans or pants. 


(Jean jacket from Levi's, Maxi from Forever 21, Wedge from, Bag from JPK Paris 75)

Maxi is always a favorite choice for 'short people' like me. The maxi give some extra look in length also, can keep me warm during the winter. You can add the tight underneath for extra warm. Maxi also add the little vintage but not too princess. The jean give the strong look into this vintage, very dynamic look. 


(Military style pant from American Eagle, Boot from Timberland, Shoulder bag from Dooney&Bourke,  knitted hat)  

This is my second pick for sure, very tomboy and strong. Pant cannot go wrong with hoodie but picking accessories will help you to define your style. I think to have your own style, it's important to know what your characteristics are. 


These 4 looks are the mixture of myself. These 4 looks together create my style. Thank you again, and if you can, please help me to spread out my blog. This is a part of my final project. 
Appreciate your time. Have a great day. 

P/S: If you have any item that you want me to mix-match, feel free to leave a comment/contact me. :) 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Knitted Sweater

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? This is the very first post of W2W. As I have introduced, W2W is place where I would love to show my ways of mix-match-ing and have fun with my closet. This post choice is - grey sweater for this time of year, Fall is about to be gone.

Look#1: Knitted over FLORAL
(Sweater from H&M, Floral skirt from Abercrombie&Fitch, Tote from Longchamp, double face watch from Urban Outfitter, platform from ASOS, hat from Thailand) 

Look#2: Maxi dot can go with knitted
(Sweater from H&M, Polka dot trndy maxi dress from Forever 21, Wedge from Ideeli

Look#3: Short for Fall 
(Sweater from H&M, high waist short from Vietam, Knitted hat from H&M, Oversize blazer from Ralph Lauren, wedge from Ideeli, floral leather cltuch by me)

Look#4: Tribe look 
(Tie up sweater, Oversize cardigan, Mini sketchy Bottom, bowtie clutch from Topshop, and braided hair)

I hope you enjoyed my maix-match, drop off any comments or questions. I am more than happy to answer them. And, I will see you in the next post. 

P/S: Thinking on what item I should choose, any recommendation?

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